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Prison Consultants in the media

In the Media

Since our inception we have attracted media attention and are asked to comment on prison related news events, please see the following articles:

Article in leading German national daily newspaper- Süddeutsche Zeitung 25th March 2017

Thousands of prisoners still serving IPP sentences- Sky News by Steve Dagworthy, 21st November 2016

Prisoners escape from Pentonville prison - Sky News by Steve Dagworthy, 21st November 2016

Prison officers protest over health and safety concerns - Sky News by Steve Dagworthy, 16th November 2016

Extremist Prisoners To Be Held In Separate Units - Sky News by Steve Dagworthy, 22nd August 2016

Financial Crime & Punishment - BBC World Service by Steve Dagworthy, 12th July 2016

Prison Officers at Kent jails are warning that staff cuts lead to a culture of violence among prisoners - BBC South East by Bettina Jordan-Barber, 26th May 2016

Mr Gove should differentiate between the Mad, Bad and the Sad - IB Times by Steve Dagworthy‎ and Bettina Jordan-Barber, 26th October 2015

You Wake Up and Think, I’m in Prison:’ Ex-Con’s Wisdom to Hayes - Bloomberg 7th August July 2015

Cut reoffending - and plug the NHS funding gap. A letter to the FT - Financial Times (PDF) 22nd July 2015

The ex MOD strategist who went to jail after telling The Sun about military shortages - and taking money for it - The Independent (PDF) 7th June 2015

Article in German press - Die Welt (PDF) 4th June 2015

Back from ‘planet Holloway’ - FT City Insider (PDF) 29th May 2015

‘I help white-collar criminals get ready for jail’ - FT Magazine (PDF) 22nd May 2015

Co-operative Bank: Ex-con trick - FT City Insider (PDF) 12th December 2014

The brutal ins and outs of life inside - The Times (PDF) 8th Dec 2014

UK Heatwave Warning: Prison Officers Fear for their Lives as Boiling Cells Drive Inmates Mad - International Business Times 28th July 2014

White Collar Crime: How to Survive the Descent from the C-Suite to a Prison Cell - International Business Times 6th June 2014

Secretary who stole £4m will teach jail survival to white-collar criminals - The Guardian 10th December 2013

Former Swansea City chairman helps white collar criminals prepare for prison - Wales Online 17th October 2013

White Collar fraudsters offers jail Survival tips - The Telegraph 8th October 2013

Our blog page features other prison related news stories and incorporates our views, please view our blog page.

Bettina Jordan-Barber on Sky News: Helping former prisoners could save £1bn. 3 Mar 2017

Bettina Jordan Barber joins Sky Debate: Are softer jails the answer? 22 Feb 2017

Steve Dagworthy talks to Sky News about Thousands of prison officers to get an immediate pay rise. 19 Feb 2017

Steve Dagworthy talks to Sky News about Charity encouraging graduates to become prison officers. 4 Feb 2017

Steve Dagworthy on Sky News - Arrests after criminals paid to get loose electronic tags fitted. 21 Dec 2016

Steve Dagworthy debates on Sky News - Should companies be offered incentives to employ former prisoners? 19 Dec 2016

Steve Dagworthy debates on Sky News - Are prison riots inevitable? 17th Dec 2016

Steve Dagworthy talks to Sky News about the thousands of prisoners still serving IPP sentences. 21st Nov 2016

Steve Dagworthy appears on Sky News discussing the prisoners who escaped from Pentonville prison. 21st Nov 2016

Steve Dagworthy talks to Sky News about prison officers protest over health and safety concerns. 16th Nov 2016

Bettina Jordan-Barber appears on Sky news disucussing Violent Fights And Extreme Bullying Within UK Prisons. 25th May 2016

Steve Dagworthy appears in ITV Report - Adam Johnson: A life behind bars. 24th March 2016

ITV report with Steve Dagworthy about Adam Johnson

Steve Dagworthy interviewed: Do Prisons Need To Be Reformed? - Sky News Interview 8th Feb 2016

Bettina Jordan-Barber featured on C4’s “Prison Night” aired 7th November 2015

Steve Dagworthy appears on the Sky TV Debate: What Rights Should Prisoners Have 30.10.2015


Prison Consultants have also been on the following radio shows:
Andrew Pierce show on the 5th July 2014 on LBC.
Pat Kenny show for Newstalk Radio Ireland on 29th May 2015.
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