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But where will they all go?

Posted by: In: General 23 Mar 2015 Comments: 0

Just in time for the General Election the new Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 comes into force on 13 April.

The new Act will introduce new offences, like juror misconduct, and will increase the severity of sentences for existing offences.

The Justice Secretary is quoted as claiming that crime has fallen  (everyone knows it hasn’t) and that serious offenders will now be going to prison for longer.

“We have changed the law,” he trumpeted, “to deliver tougher and swifter justice for victims and the public.”

Meanwhile Lord Woolf, who was in charge of the enquiry into the prison riot at Strangeways  in 1990, has called for a new enquiry into the state of our prisons.

During the 1990 riot two people died and hundreds were injured. Lord Woolf said Britain was heading for a crisis within its prisons, and that  conditions in our prisons now are as bad as they were in 1990.

These two stories are wholly unconnected. For the time being.

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