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Car and home insurance

Insurance for those with Criminal Convictions

Prison Consultants are constantly looking at new ways to assist prisoners and their families, not only during the difficult time whilst a sentence is being served but also during and after their release.

As we are predominantly staffed by ex-offenders we are acutely aware of the problems and issues that face prisoners. We, and our families, have been through those problems.

One of the most difficult issues for ex-offenders is how they can get access to everyday financial services.

An unspent conviction can create problems in a number of ways. Take insurance for instance. It is a little known fact that household contents and buildings insurers require full disclosure of all convictions by people in the same household, even if the policyholder themselves have a clean record, even if people residing in the household are not the property owners.

For motor insurance this means named drivers on motor insurance policies will need to disclose criminal convictions.

It means businesses must tell their insurers about any partners, directors or senior management that have a criminal record.

Failure to do so will normally mean that the policy cover is invalid and any claim made will be refused.

Having identified the problem, we felt obliged to find an answer.

Car Insurance for Ex-offenders

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Gothic Insurance Brokers Limited (incorporating Certis Insurance Brokers) who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with ex-offenders and their insurance needs. Gothic Insurance Brokers Ltd are an independent intermediary established in 1966 and are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

This partnership means that, in conjunction with Gothic Insurance Brokers Limited, we can provide insurance cover for a vehicle whilst you are still in prison, to protect your no claims bonus as this can be lost if cover has been broken for 2 years or more.

Should you be housed in an Open Prison, and want your car with you at the Prison, then cover can be provided as a serving prisoner. You may find that the prison will insist on full disclosure to the insurance provider of your conviction, sentence and prison location and that the residing/parking address be noted on the policy in order for permission to be given to have your car at the prison. Once again that lack of disclosure could render the policy invalid. You may also be required to inform the DVLA and have the address on your driving licence change to that of the prison.

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