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Prison Life Management

IIt is a popular misconception that serving a period of time in prison equates to lying on a bed all day watching TV. It is also incorrect that prison is a place of punishment. Prison IS the punishment. It should also be a place of rehabilitation.

Once a newly convicted prisoner arrives at prison they enter a whole new world that requires the individual to work and engage with the system. This can be quite difficult and will initially be alien. Understanding the system and the rules which govern the system is absolutely vital to achieve “progression” or “promotion” to more comfortable units and cells, to gain extra visits, to access more weekly spending money, to achieve a lower risk category and to eventually get to open prison.

Since inception we have had more and more call from serving prisoners and their families to assist them achieve progression. We now tailor individual Prison Life Management packages to each client. Through Prison Life Management we assist in making sure that our client is keeping on track with regards to their sentence plan, we coach them to become model prisoners while at the same time reviewing key point indicators so that the correct procedures are being followed by the prison and in a timely manor.

The prison service is overstretched and under resourced. It is therefore not uncommon for key dates in a prisoners’ sentence plan to slip. This can cause delays and blockages in prisoner progression as well as significant stress and anxiety.

The Prison Consultants team is made up of former prisoners and former prison staff at Governor level. We are best placed to understand the complex rules and regulations which engulf a sentence. We understand the impact of timely progression to the individual and as importantly to the families of those serving a prison sentence.

We undertake to write a bespoke care package for the needs of each individual and their families, we agree a price in advance and fix it with key performance way points. We assist in achieving the best and most comfortable outcome for our clients. We have enjoyed great success in applying for and getting our clients re-categorised and transferred to lesser security prison including to open prison facilities. We have also been very successful at getting non standard IEP equipment in possession to aid the comfort for our clients.

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