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Why you need us

Why you need us

We have experienced what you are going through now and what you will experience should you go to prison. Your lawyers are experts on criminal law, but they are not experts in surviving prison. We are.

We can advise you how to make your time in prison as bearable as possible. We know that life in prison is changing all the time; the government is always trying to cut the cost of the prison service and make life even more unpleasant for inmates. After all it is a vote winner.

Your first experience of prison will be 21 out of 24 hours per day locked up, probably in a shared cell and with a shared toilet. You will be fed food that costs pennies and tastes unpleasant.

You will be lucky if you have 10 minutes each day to call your family on a community phone.

A significant minority of your fellow prisoners will suffer from mental illness, personality disorders or have an addiction of some kind.

You will be given a set of heavily overused bedding, prison clothes and underwear.

You will not know what the prison rules are but you will be punished if you break them.

There is a real likelihood that within the first 3 months in prison you will be offered illegal drugs and witness violence.

All your post can be read by prison officers.

Upon arrival at prison all prisoners, regardless of their crime, are treated equally; white collar offenders start at the same level and in the same cells as hardened career criminals and repeat offenders.

You will need to earn all your rights and privileges, including your eventual transfer to Open Prison, and we will advise the best ways to achieve these privileges and to attain a more tolerable day-to-day prison life.

The advice we give you will help you pack appropriately if you are going to prison.

We shall endeavour to address all the problems that you face and will remain on hand to assist you and your family in what to expect and how best to survive.

Read some real life experiences of prisoners.

A bespoke service

We understand that each client has differing needs and concerns.

We can assist and discuss with you in advance the likely difficulties and challenges you will face in prison including, Sentence Mitigation Reports, categorisation, disciplinary proceedings, prison transfers, Release on Temporary Licence through to eventual release and living on licence in the community.

We shall tailor a unique package for you and agree a costs structure with you in advance.

We guarantee confidentiality and we provide an essential and discreet service to you and your family.

We can assist both you and your family through the very difficult period of the trial, sentencing, the first days of your prison sentence, right through to the time of eventual transfer to an Open Prison (the last stage before being released back into the community), and finally release on Licence leading to the ultimate expiry date of your sentence.

"Informing a client that a prison sentence is inevitable is much like a doctor telling a patient that he has cancer. It is the fear of the unknown, the process and the journey that preys on the mind. This much needed and laudable venture aims to ease the pain and anxiety considerably and deserves the support of everyone working in the criminal justice system."

Steven Barker, criminal defence solicitor and partner in Barker Gillette LLP

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