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HMP Wandsworth

First Time in Prison?

If you have ever been arrested you will know how frightening it feels. PC is here to help you and your family manage whatever comes next. You will have many questions and will be unsure of what to expect. We can help you manage the journey from choosing the best solicitors to supporting your family.

We assist our clients through the whole legal process and advise them on how to prepare for the whole legal process and the unfamiliar surroundings of court, and if necessary serving time in HM Prison.

"In prison normal rules no longer apply, once you understand the rules and the way of life, the easier life becomes. It is just about coming to terms with a new way of existence."

Prison Consultants
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About Us
Steve Hamer, Chairman
Welcome to the Prison Consultants web site. We offer a complete service from arrest to release for both you and your family. We can help and advise you prior to any custodial sentence and shall be available for the duration of any sentence.

Steve Hamer, Chairman

  • I warmly welcome this innovative new service which aims to help those facing the grim reality of prison with coping mechanisms for life inside.  With its unique specialist knowledge its advice and support will lessen the pain of imprisonment for inmates and their families.
    Malcolm Bishop QC, Ely Place Chambers.

  • ……... Nice to have someone who I feel is on my side and can fully see the seriousness and effect this is and will have on me. It was really good to meet you and you provide a great and valuable service, so am pleased I made the phone call and met with you……………….
    Received from a client pre trial

  • Please don't think me a pest... I just want to say how refreshing it is to talk to someone who truly understands. Although i have some help from family and friends no one really 'gets it' and without **** I am very much on my own. You have truly helped me today.
    Received from a Client pre sentencing

  • ……Thank you for your time yesterday. I have to admit that I was quite sceptical before the meeting, but I was entirely wrong. The level of information and guidance that you have been able to provide us is invaluable, not only for myself, but this has also given an enormous amount of relief to my wife who now has a much better understanding of the situation and the process. I certainly feel much better prepared than I was. Very best regards.  
    Received from a Client pre sentencing

  • Informing a client that a prison sentence is inevitable is much like a doctor telling a patient that he has cancer. It is the fear of the unknown, the process and the journey that preys on the mind. This much needed and laudable venture aims to ease the pain and anxiety considerably and deserves the support of everyone working in the criminal justice system.
    Steven Barker, criminal defence solicitor and partner in Barker Gillette LLP.

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