Prison Life Management

We prefer to be consulted as soon as possible, and preferably before trial or sentencing. This is because we consider it important that your legal team make representations to the Judge which can be used to make the life of those in prison smoother. We also like to review and consider the implications of bail conditions, pre-sentencing reports, evidence submitted by way of mitigation and the Judge’s sentencing remarks.

Once we have assembled a client profile we can provide a prison life management programme, which is especially useful to first time offenders and their families. This covers everything from the difficult first days in prison to eventual release on licence ( also known as probation).

Our Services include:

How to Prepare for Prison

Going to prison is a daunting prospect.

We help clients on how to prepare for prison. What to take with them when they go to prison, what to do in prison, what not to do in prison, how to keep out of trouble etc.

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Categorisation System

Prisoners are allocated to one of four categories, depending on the length of their sentence and their risk profile. Most offenders are allocated to category C on their arrival at prison ( the second lowest category). Category D is the lowest category, and offenders in this category are in open prisons where, according to their risk profile, they are allowed to be released on temporary licence every so often (called ROTL).

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Categorisation Reviews

We handle categorisation reviews. We explain to clients  how to prepare for them, how we produce written representations which we send to the prison, how we assist with appealing bad decisions. The operation of the review system is complex, because prisons take into account whether an offender has confiscation proceedings, whether they are considered likely to abscond from open prison, whether they have a good prison record, and so on. For more difficult  cases we handle judicial reviews-with specialist counsel- and prepare complaints to the Ministry of Justice.

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Prison Transfer Advice

No offender has the automatic right to be transferred to another prison. There are limited circumstances however which permit this, and the process can take some time. Again, in more complex cases we handle judicial reviews, with specialist counsel.

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OASys Reports Help

We help prisoners deal with OASys reports and sentence planning targets which the prison prepare. We explain how to challenge erroneous or unfair OASys reports.

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Prison Disciplinary

We advise our clients about the prison disciplinary system, adjudications and loss of privileges.

Release On Temporary Licence

Offenders in open prison are eligible for release on temporary licence, also known as day release and overnight release. For offenders who temporary release address has been vetted by probation officers this is not usually difficult, but some offenders face delays in being boarded ( ie assessed ) for ROTLs. We help them. We also help other offenders who want to be released temporarily on compassionate grounds, such as to visit a very sick relative.

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How to Prepare for Release from Prison

We help offenders who want to work abroad on their release, or who think their licence conditions are unreasonable, or who just want some idea of what to expect.

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Welfare and Health Issues

Prisons have a legal duty of care to look after offenders but medical facilities at most prisons are fairly basic. 

We insist that our clients obtain the best treatment at the earliest opportunity, including hospital visits. For cases where an offender has suffered a personal injury we advise on the preservation and obtaining of evidence and recommend personal injury lawyers to take claims forward.

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Prison Discipline

Prisons are run on rules, covering every aspect of prison life. Minor breaches of the rules can result in negative entries on an offender’s file, or loss of privileges ( such as the right to a TV, or the privilege of having access to more spending money). Other breaches are dealt with under an adjudication process, handled either by a prions officer, or for more difficult cases by an outside adjudicator. We advise on representation at adjudications, submissions, evidence and the right of appeal.

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Recall Offenders

Sometimes people re-offend whilst on licence ( ie probation). That means they might have to serve the rest of their sentence. This can result in the probation services and the Parole Board becoming involved. We can help.

Family Support

Having a family member in prison not only affects the prisoner but has a much wider affect on the day to day lives of their families.

We also provide continuous support and back-up to prisoners’ families.

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