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Client Testimonials

Below are extracts from letters and emails received from clients and the families of clients. The names have been deleted in order to protect anonymity.

A tremendous help

You have been a tremendous help and support to me, and reassurance to them, throughout this unpleasant few weeks and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone else who finds themselves in similar unfortunate circumstances.

The Single best thing I did last year

.. I cannot thank you enough. Picking up the phone to you was the single best thing I did last year. From our first meeting you understood exactly where I was at, and where I was from which was the first real true understanding I had received since the event.

Your service, and you as a person, helped me face up to the possible consequences and outcomes and I truly appreciated your honesty throughout. You didn’t skirt the issue nor dress it up for anything other than it was. I needed a frank assessment of the picture, and you more than anyone enabled me to grasp the gravity of the situation and face it head on.

From the outset I felt, for the first time, I had someone who understood. You took me and my situation seriously, and made it personal. Your attention to detail and promptness of action has been unerring. I had immediate trust in you.

……. You are aware from our many conversations as to exactly how much I advocate your service, and I will follow up on my promise to do all I can to promote you, within my profession particularly. What you provide ostensibly is a clear understanding of the prison system. What in fact you provide is piece of mind to the client and their family in the most difficult of times, an intangible that is hard to quantify.

Received from a client post sentencing.


……Thank you for your time yesterday. I have to admit that I was quite sceptical before the meeting, but I was entirely wrong.

The level of information and guidance that you have been able to provide us is invaluable, not only for myself, but this has also given an enormous amount of relief to my wife who now has a much better understanding of the situation and the process. I certainly feel much better prepared than I was. 

Very best regards.
Received from a Client pre sentencing


Please don't think me a pest... I just want to say how refreshing it is to talk to someone who truly understands. Although i have some help from family and friends no one really 'gets it' and without [name deleted] I am very much on my own. You have truly helped me today.

Received from a Client pre sentencing

On my side

……... Nice to have someone who I feel is on my side and can fully see the seriousness and effect this is and will have on me. It was really good to meet you and you provide a great and valuable service, so am pleased I made the phone call and met with you……………….

Received from a client pre trial

A godsend

Firstly, it's the right time to thank you for kickstarting events for me. It has been incredibly helpful, and just having
someone who understands has been a godsend.

In a much better place for having met you. And look forward to working with you on the prison programme.

Speak soon. 

Received from a Client pre trial

Appreciated Your Support

…………….I really have appreciated your support of [name deleted], and he seems to have gone in with a positive attitude, which I don’t think he could have got to without the help you have provided.

Received from a wife of a client post sentencing

Very proud

……….Little steps but you should be very proud, as I doubt that he would be even thinking of these things if it wasn’t for your encouraging talks getting him ready for this experience.

I just thought you should know.

Kind Regards

Received from the wife of client post sentencing

Thanks for your advice

……Thanks for your advice before starting, I do feel that I am quite relaxed about being here in prison…..

Extract from a letter received from a client in HMP

Thank you

…….I really hope things are going well for you and I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done to not only help me but [name deleted] too……

Extract from a letter received from a client in HMP

Helped tremendously

I think the work you did with [name deleted] has helped tremendously to get him so that he has a plan of what he wants to happen, whilst in there, and is aware these things will take time, and sometimes there will be set backs, but he is trying to make the most out of a very bad situation. So you have done an amazing job!

Received from the wife of a client post sentencing
Call us for a free confidential discussion: +44 (0) 20 7717 5564

Testimonials from Legal Professionals

Prison Consultants help focus their clients

Prison Consultants was founded on principle and as a direct response to need experienced by a former prisoner. Prison Consultants aim, at one and the same time to prepare clients, and the families of the accused, for the stress and anxiety of the trial process from the time of arrest until there is an outcome. In the event of conviction Prison Consultants helps prisoners effectively manage their time in custody in a positive and meaningful way.

Prison Consultants help focus their clients to protect their interests and remove as many of the psychological impediments and other hurdles that exist when individuals, especially first time offenders, are subjected to the rigours and the unfamiliarity of Court.

Prison Consultants have had notable successes during their short life and across a broad range of services: researching, collecting and collating material for use in trial and in mitigation; preparation of successful appeals to the Court of Appeal and re categorisation and relocation of prisoners.

Prison Consultants have pioneered connections between themselves, various firms of Solicitors and the Bar to the mutual advantage. We at Benson Ingram Law LLP wish Prison Consultants continued success in developing the company and enlarging their services..

Charles Benson QC Benson Ingram Law LLP

A pleasure working with you

Many thanks for referring ****** to me.  It has been a pleasure working with you on this case and I am delighted that we were able to achieve the right and just result for ******.

I saw first hand through ****** just how valuable your input and services were.  He was without doubt fully prepared for a custodial sentence which was only achieved through your hard work.

I look forward to working with you again in the not too distant future and would thoroughly recommend your services to my clients.

Extract from an Email from Shula De Jersey, Principal Lawyer, Business Crime & Regulation Slater & Gordon (UK) LLP
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