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About Prison Consultants and what we can do for you

Our consultants, both male and female, have experience of prison life from ‘behind the door’, They are graduates of the prison system, ex offenders who are able to offer words of wisdom based on real experience.

Prison Consultants
Alongside former prisoners we also have former prison staff, including Prison Officers and a former Prison Governor who can be consulted to offer the view from the prison's perspective. We offer a bespoke service to our clients, each consultation is undertaken with the utmost discretion and the understanding that each client's needs are different, every case is identified as being unique.

We are here to help you help you through the whole legal process including any court appearance or prison sentence that this may result in. If you do go to prison we are here to help you and your family through what will be a traumatic experience. We shall help and advise you prior to any custodial sentence and shall be available for the duration of any sentence.

Our consultants hold qualifications in Counselling or are Samaritan trained listeners. We shall not judge you, and if you request it, we need not discuss your case history. We sincerely hope that your circumstances do not result in you having to serve a prison sentence. We are simply here to help you and your family through what shall initially be a traumatic change in life style. We shall help and advise you prior to a custodial sentence and shall be available for advice for the duration of your term. We can also offer advice and guidance to your family and friends as they come to terms with and engage with your period in prison. We are on hand to offer advice and guidance to your coping with and managing prison life. We are Prison Life Coaches.

Please note we do not provide legal advice. We do however have links to some of the very best legal firms. We can help you choose the right solicitor. We are also happy to work closely with your own chosen Solicitor or Barrister when required. We also specialise in advising on prison regulations and recommending appropriate Solicitors for prison law.

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Who We Are

We are a diverse group of individuals from professional backgrounds who have been either in prison or who have worked as senior prison officers, prison governors and prison healthcare workers.

We have a combined wealth of experience in how prisons work, the risks and difficulties that first time offenders face, the common threats found in prison and how to survive them.

Whatever you may read in the media or be told by the people who think they know, we know what prison is really like. We know about the bullying, the overcrowded wings, the spontaneous outbreaks of violence, the poor quality of prison food, the difficulty in keeping contact with the outside world and the despair of prison routine. View the Prison Consultants team

We can help you and your family

We offer a complete service from arrest to release for both you and your family, who will often be suffering as much from the trauma of your circumstances as you are. With our wealth of experience, we can help steer you and them through all the key stress points leading up to and during incarceration – including, believe it or not, your release, which many ex-prisoners cite as being more difficult than being sent down.

Whilst we do not offer legal advice we can assist your lawyers in trial preparation and if you are convicted (resulting in a custodial sentence) we can advise on all matters including your dealings with the national probation service.

We take away the fear of the unknown.

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