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Prisoners experiences...

On Arrival

"Arriving in prison was like landing into an alien civilisation, I knew nothing and was left to fend for myself and ask every step of the way…not everyone was helpful!"
A New Regime

"In prison normal rules no longer apply. Once you understand the rules and the way of life the easier life becomes. It’s just about coming to terms with a new way of existence."
What? Where? How?

"I knew nothing, when I could shower, how do I get money to pay for supplies, where do I get supplies, clothes, how do I progress?”

“I had no idea about IEP’s (Incentive and Earned Privileges). What is Basic, Entry, Standard and Enhanced status and what does it mean. It took me 7 months to be allowed a china mug and a duvet, others were getting them in 28 days, what was I doing wrong?”
Settling In

“Getting to the right category prison at the earliest time is vital, also knowing the prisons best to avoid is invaluable information.”
Getting Along

“Understanding the regime and how the officers and Governors work is paramount.”
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